Leg 3. Perm to Yekaterinburg.

The train to Yekaterinburg, the next city on my Trans-Siberian train travels, left the station right on time. By this time, I realise that the only person who can give me reliable information on whether I’ve got the right train or not is the provodnitsa that will stand by the door of each carriage of the train. The Perm Train station was not chaotic, but information was not very clear either.


The five hour journey went smoothly. I was sharing a sleeping compartment with one other person so I could just lie down for a well-needed nap after all that sightseeing in Perm. And I’m taking to the frilly curtains in the corridor more and more.


Once in Yekaterinburg, which is 1,814 km from Moscow, I found the hostel quite easily. I’m getting quite used to trying to work out how to get to the budget accommodation I’ve booked on the fourth floor or whatever with little info to help you when you’re standing outside by the door with a million buttons. Once inside, the rooms are spic and span, just like it says on Booking.com.


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