Baku City Walking Tour

I eventually found my hostel, next to Meridian with an “a” (I guess one letter would keep them safe from being sued for trademark theft by Le Meridien, though Meridian here in a Baku also sports a five-star sign). The reason why it took a while was not because of poor directions, but because they were running two separate metro lines on the same track. It was inevitable that I end up on the wrong train.

My first day in Baku was taken up by me following the Baku City Tour in the Lonely Planet guidebook. It’s supposed to take around five hours, but it took me most of the day.

The highlights for me were The Miniature Books Museum (pure bliss!).


The atmospheric underground mausoleum for the Sufi mystic Seyid Yehia Bakuvi.


The winding streets of Baku Old Town.


And Fountain Square.


I met an Iranian English teacher called Rasool when I arrived at the hostel and we got on like a house on fire. We discussed using technology in learning while checking out the different stops on the City Walk. Unfortunately, he had to go back to Iran last night, but he sure was great company.

Next, I have to check my To Do list. In particular, I have to decide whether to try for Naxcivan.


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