Naxcivan or Sheki?

I realised yesterday that I don’t have time both for Naxcivan and Sheki, so I started with trying to find out if there were any free seats on the flight to Naxcivan (foreigners have to fly to this Azeri enclave, snuggled up against the borders of Iran and Turkey).

It was not easy to find a travel agency that could help me, but in the end I found a place called Silkway near 28 May. There were seats available, but only if I flew business class one way and headed straight to the airport that very moment. With $210 for the flight and maybe $50 for a taxi to the airport (too late to take a bus), I decided to give it a miss.

My next project was then to find out if there were any tickets available for the night train to Sheki. As a confirmed train fanatic, I will always go for the train first if there is one. The lady at the ticket counter spoke a bit of English and two Russian customers also helped me, so it was surprisingly easy to to get a sleeper to Sheki for that night, and a return for the following night. Price: $23. Great value!

With that settled, I could get on with exploring Baku further.



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