Camilla Läckberg Creates Her First Crime Novel at Four

Camilla Läckberg was one of four authors on the Crime Panel today at the Festival of Literature in Dubai. When asked about when her interest in crime writing started, she told the audience that she created a her first crime novel at the age of four. It was a picture book about Father Christmas and his wife. On the last page, she drew a picture of Father Christmas’ wife lying dead on the floor with blood seeping out of her head.

When I was four, I created a picture book about Mother Hen and Her Chicks (I think I’ve still got it somewhere). Which is why Camilla Läckberg writes crime novels, and I just read them.

It was a great panel session. All four crime writers did very well on stage, and this was the first time in my experience where all the questions from the floor were actually concise and to-the-point questions, rather than 10-minute monologues followed (sometimes) by a question.

My favourite question was, “Do you think the antagonist always should be a person?” To which Peter James responded that we are all fascinated by a monster like Hannibal Lecter, though the antagonist in a novel sometimes is “the government” or some other impersonal force.

It was great to have a Swedish writer at the Festival if Literature in Dubai today. Now, I better get started on my signed copy of Camilla Läckberg’s The Stranger.



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