Luang Prabang

The journey from Dubai to Luang Prabang went without a hitch. When an Airbus A380 hits turbulence, it’s a bit like being on a super-gigantic roller coaster, but it didn’t last long. The food on the Bangkok Airways flight to Luang Prabang was really good, and the visa-on-arrival process in Laos was very efficient. We were about 40 foreigners on the flight and we all got our visas in about 20 minutes.

I’ve really taken to this place, something I did almost the moment I arrived. I’m staying in the old quarter of this UNESCO-protected town so there’s a lot I can see on foot, including temples and markets. Having this compulsive camera disorder, I can’t walk by an alleyway without taking a few pictures.

So far, I’ve just been for a couple of short walks near the guest house where I’m staying.

The Night Market was fascinating.


The Morning Market was interesting.


Breakfast by the Mekong River was restful.


The temples and murals are beautiful.



The alleyways charming.


And my street is pretty cool. I’m staying at the Apple Guesthouse, which is delightful, and has got a bossy but extremely helpful grandmother who says I “need to get my act together” if I want to see some interesting stuff.


She’s right, if course, but my body is still on Dubai time.


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