Kuang Si Falls & Butterfly Park

The waterfalls at Kuang Si were spectacularly beautiful. A little piece of paradise about 35 km out of Luang Prabang.


But what nobody told me – and I had to work out for myself since most people were enjoying the cool water at the beginning of the climb – was that they got more spectacular the higher up you walked. Quite a few people enjoyed jumping into the water at the beginning of the climb.

However, I kept walking until I reached this final, really high waterfall.


Near the waterfalls was the newly-opened Kuang Si Butterfly Park. I think it’s been open for just nine week.


It’s run by Olaf and Ineke from Holland, and it was Olaf himself that showed me around and gave me his “butterfly talk” inside the netted garden.


It’s great when you meet someone who is totally passionate about something, and Olaf was really passionate about butterflies. And I must say I learned more about butterflies during this visit than I ever did at biology classes at school. I’m no expert, of course, but I would say that these butterflies were from small to medium size (like a small bat). No giant ones, but many were really beautiful. Some having a little rest on top of a flower.


There were some beautiful bits here and there along the road up to Kuang Si, like some of the very green rice fields here and there, but there were also large sections of forest that seemed to be dead. I couldn’t ask the driver about it since his English was limited to waterfall, Chinese tuk-tuk and toilet.


Visiting the Kuang Si Falls is a must if you’re near Luang Prabang.


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