Mar Girgis


St George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Mar Girgis, Cairo (four Metro stops south of Tahrir), is now open to visitors. The restoration work has been going on for several years and they are now busy putting on the finishing touches. I was told the church will be inaugurated in October this year.


There was a steady stream of visitors in the church, but I only spotted three foreign tourists the whole time I was there. This is in huge contrast to 16 months ago when I was here (and the church was still closed then due to the restoration work). There were endless bus loads of tourists in the area at that time.


There are bits of scaffolding still inside the church, but it’s basically ready. I really liked the mural on the ceiling. The icon of Christ looks like there is a bit of western influence, but the colours are vivid.


Strangely enough, none of the visitors seemed to pay any attention to the ceiling. Instead, the large icon of St George was what most visitors focused on.


I also found many of the details around the walls quite interesting.


The Greek Orthodox Cemetery is a haven of tranquility in this bustling city.


If you ever visit this area, don’t miss the Chapel of the Holy Family at the bottom of the cemetery.



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