Metro Line 3 to Korba & Other Surprises


One of the surprises in Cairo this week has been that Metro Line 3 is now up and running all the way to Korba, Heliopolis! The Metro stop is actually just behind the flat where I used to live. When getting off the Metro, I couldn’t quite orientate myself even though everything looked very familiar, so I asked a man in an ironing shop what street I was on. “Sawra Street” was the answer. It was then I realised I was steps from 4 Sawra Street, where I lived in 1998!


Korba is my favourite area of Cairo, and Baghdad Street is my favourite street. Very little has changed here. My old favourite restaurant LeChantilly is still open for business, and the food is still as great as it used to be. However, it was another surprise to discover there is now a Paul’s in Baghdad Street as well. It opened three months ago and the sandwiches are amazing. There’s no two ways about it.


Another surprise is that IKEA is now open for business in Cairo – New Cairo to be precise. IKEA is part of the Cairo Festival City complex and includes a vehicle check with sniffer dogs at the entrance.


I felt very welcome and didn’t leave until I’d had Swedish meatballs with lots of gravy.



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