A Bit of Norway

With no direct flights from Dublin to Gothenburg, I flew to Oslo and took the train to Sweden. Which gave me a 90-minute stop-over in Oslo. Which was enough to have a look at the new Oslo Opera House, next to Oslo Central Railway Station.


It was sunny, with dark clouds in the distance, so it was a good time to take photos.


Interesting use of open spaces and angles.


But it was really the posters of previous productions that made me want to stick around for quite a while.


The Swan Lake.


Madame Butterfly.




I wonder if the Oslo Opera House will become as famous as the Sydney a opera House one day.

After a fabulous 90-minute stop in Oslo followed a pretty terrible train journey. We ended up being nearly 7 hours late! First, there was a signalling problem out of Oslo. Next, there was no power on the train line to Kingsvinger and we had to wait over two hours (with substandard A/C on the train) for replacement buses . When the replacement buses finally arrived, we were treated to a bit of beautiful Norwegian countryside for a while.


Once in Kingsvinger, the Norwegian train crew ran away (literally). Left was a locked train and us 195 passengers. To begin with, we were all waiting on the platform, waiting for someone to come and unlock the train any minute now. That didn’t happen. Instead, we ended up waiting for the Swedish train crew for nearly three hours! Good thing it wasn’t December. The local hot dog seller and minimarket owner did a roaring business.


When the train finally started moving now nearly 7 hours late, some of the passengers around me started clapping (not me). Very patient and understanding lot the Scandinavians.

A couple of days later, I got an email from Swedish Rail (SJ) with an apology, a ticket refund and $90 in compensation. Nice gesture, I thought. I didn’t even have to apply,

Anyway, all in all, rolling over the Swedish border after midnight was pretty anticlimactic.


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