Glimpses of Gothenburg

When you return to a place you’ve been many times, it sharpens your decision-making process when it comes to what you want to see. You go for the best. Which, in my opinion, for Gothenburg is the Röhsska Museum. Where else in Sweden can you see Babylonian reliefs from facade the throne room of Nebukadnessar II? There are two stunning reliefs, the Lion and the Dragon, and they are from around 600BC. Here’s the Lion.

Other regular exhibits at the Röhsska Museum I like are Saigon Fell This Morning.

I also liked the exhibition downstairs, like “Self Portrait as Emile Cioran, Karl Ristikivi and Jean-Paul Sartre” by Tanel Veenre from Estonia. I’m not sure which one of the three authors this book is – there were three identical shots with three different books.

Popping out to Marstrand on the coast just outside Gothenburg for a day was a good choice. The mini-ferry across to a Marstrand took only seven minutes, and even though this seaside spot has technically been a city since the 12th century, it has this relaxed holiday feel to it.

The fortress Carlsten on top of the hill is worth a visit.

But the best thing is just relaxing and taking in the view.





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