Some say the train journey between Oslo and Bergen is one of the most scenic in Europe. I won’t argue with that. Just don’t take the night train, unkess you have to. You’ll miss out on a lot of beauty along the way.

The first thing that struck me when I arrived in Bergen was that 90% of the houses were white, which makes for some nice shots. 

My mate and I took the Floibanan up to Mount Fløyen and then walked to Sandviksfjellet before walking down the 908 steps of Stoltzekleiven. Running up these steps seems to be a bit of a pastime for these healthy and super fit Norwegians. Walking down these steps, which was hard enough, makes you even more impressed by the fitness level of these Norwegians.  The whole ride/walk we did took around five hours and is the perfect choice if you want some beautiful scenery and some hiking but nothing too strenuous. 

A visit to Bergen has to include a walk along Bryggen – a UNESCO Heritage site – preferably popping over to the fish market for a bite while you’re at it.

For me, a visit to a new city is not complete without a visit to the local museum of modern and/or contemporary art. In Bergen, this is KODE. In fact, there are four museums that together form KODE and I went to KODE 3 in the late afternoon. Why KODE 3?  Well, they are the ones with the Munch paintings. Also, the other three were closed by that time.

If you missed the Munch paintings at the National Gallery in Oslo, KODE 3 is your solution: I think I counted up to 37 paintings by Munch in this museum. This is The Women on the Jetty by Edvard Munch.

It’s easy to sum up our visit to Bergen: stunning! A word overused at times perhaps but one that perfectly describes the view from the top of the Stoltzekleiven trail.


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