Now, Gothenburg is where I mix the business of travel with pleasure. Reason being that two of my nieces live here. Niece 1 took us on a walking tour through the centre of the city to begin with. She’s an excellent tour guide! We ended up at Cafe Husaren in the lovely Haga district, a stop I really recommend if you’re Gothenburg. Their signature giant cinnamon buns had sold out, but we weren’t too disappointed as a giant home-cooked meal was waiting for us at Niece 2’s place. 

The next day, Nice 1 showed us some carefully selected parts of the Gothenburg Archipelago, which was an excellent choice, and good value for money since the boat trip was included with the Gothenburg two-day travel pass The carefully selected parts were all found on the Brännö Island.  The Gothenburg Archipelago is beautiful and very picturesque once you’re on the islands. Don’t miss it if you’re in town.

When Nice 2 took over in the early afternoon, we had another vigorous walking tour. First, we saw the tiny inner-city summer cottages known as “kolonistugor”, all congregated in one place in a green and lush bit of silence in the middle of the city.

Next, we walked through the Stottskogen Park – I recommend stopping and having a look at the penguins as well as having a meal at the restaurant here – and then the Botannical Gardens, by which time my feet were hurting. My travel mate Baja is really getting into walking and exploring in a big way, so we managed to squeeze in a quick visit at Kaserngårdarna and take a few selfies by the river as well before returning to Niece 1’s place. 

In the evening, we tried out a local pub near Niece’s 1 flat. This is when I discovered that a Swedish “pint” is actually only 400 ml.  I’ve actually never contemplated the fact that draft beer in Sweden is served in smaller glass than most other places on the planet.

I guess our Gothenburg visit became such a rip-roaring success because of the skilful and attentive support and guidance of Nieces 1 & 2. I think I need more nieces in more places.


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