The Train to Berlin 

My preferred train route down to the continent from Scandinavia used to be the night train from Copenhagen to Hamburg, but it didn’t pop up when I searched online this time. Maybe it’s been scrapped. However, a direct night train from Malmö to Berlin showed up, and I suddenly got this urge to see Berlin again. Also, Hamburg seemed a bit unsettled as this was in the middle of the G20 summit.

The Berlin train includes a four-hour ferry crossing beteeen Trelleborg and Sassnitz, which is quite pleasant. Great views of the German coast.

 It also includes a four-hour overnight parking session on the German side. Why? Because no-one wants to get up at 2.30AM when they’ve paid for a couchette. Clever. Though I must say it’s easier to sleep on a train while it’s moving.


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